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"I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house." Zsa Zsa Gabor - Bitter Breakups!
"I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house." Zsa Zsa Gabor
 i left my husband of 2 years on dec 9th 2008.  i've never felt better, he was a cheating lying @!#$  
i took the 50" plasma tv too.  hehe

i'm excited about what i can do now, i can do ANYTHING i want!!  i'm considering living in Europe for a year, i have family out there and i think it would be awesome.  

i'm glad i got out sooner than later, i'm 27 and i feel like i've still got time before settling down again.

He wrote me this letter the other day and it pisses me off, such a typical response blaming me for cheating.  he's cheated on every girl he's ever been with.  lol that shoulda brought up warning flags there i suppose.  

Here's the letter:

You can’t just fuckin pack up and leave, see a lawyer, file separation papers, threaten my business, tell the world I’ve been cheating on you, make your family and MY friends hate me and then expect to take it all back.  

This can never go back to what it was.  You’ll never trust me.  Your family will always hate me. 

I’m certainly not blaming everything on you.  But I think it takes two, and though I did do some things I definitely shouldn’t have, I think maybe those things were done as a result of how I was feeling about our relationship at the time.  I might not be the easiest person to live with, but neither are you.  You’re fully aware at how frustrated I was with a lot of stuff you did, or more importantly, didn’t do.  I’m not saying that I did what I did to get back at you or anything, but I think things like that contributed to my over all attitude towards things. 

My biggest frustration is that you’re a quitter.  The minute something gets hard you run.  You’ve been to college twice and quit, and now us.  I can’t deal with that. 

Again, I’m not blaming you.  You asked me if I’ll ever stop being like that.  I think I was like that because of the situation I was in... so yes, I’d like to think that I’ll never do that kind of thing again.  I really was crushed for the first week or two after you left.  But the longer I’m on my own the more I get used to it.  I work, eat, sleep. I argue with no one.  The house is clean 100% of the time.  The laundry gets done.  The bed is made every day and there are no clothes on the floor.  Simple stuff... but then that’s all I ever asked you for. 

And that’s how I’m feeling.

kinda made me angry, but it just confirms the reason i left in the first place.  our house was not a mess!  he makes it sound like i was a slob.  

anyone else going through seperation/divorce that wants to add me as a friend?  i just started my journal, my first entry will be today.  i'd love to have some support.  (and i'm a real good listener)



a lil humour...

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inferi_dii From: inferi_dii Date: February 9th, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi, Im on the same page as you, seperation not divorce, wedding venue booked on xmas eve and relationship over xmas day. Im adding you if thats ok?
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