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The Powers That Screw You tend to get more pleasure while doing so to me. - Bitter Breakups!
The Powers That Screw You tend to get more pleasure while doing so to me.
Hi guys, my name's Chris, and this is my first post... I just want to rant and maybe get some comforting, because I really, really need it.

Okay, as a start, I'm bisexual, leaning more towards guys. If you have a problem, please don't respond. That having been said, here goes...

I'm broken when it comes to love. The boy I've fawned over for the past half year has moved across the state. Knowing that it was gonna have to be said, I told him, and unfortunately, neither of us has it in them to handle long-distance deals. Nothing either of us can do, right? If I could just drop everything to be with him, I would. But, as much as I adore him, going to him would mean abandoning everything else here, and I can't do that until I'm sure he's The One. And I can't do that without being in a... non-distance relationship. :-p

So, right now, I'm done with relationships of any kind. No sex, no love, nothing. He was the first bisexual guy I've met that wasn't a pompous, snide, skinny goth kid. I also have no interest in full-on gay guys, because the only type I've met are the Lady GaGa-listening ones that have the incredibly annoying mannerisms that tell me we'd never get on in a relationship. As this guy once put it, 'Bisexuality is a part of me; I don't wear it on my sleeve,' which is my philosophy to the letter.

I will be out in the place he is all of next summer. I don't see myself getting over this any time soon because the big chance to be with him is still there, y'know? In the words of Adele, 'Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements,' guys?
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From: ozymr Date: February 17th, 2013 01:52 am (UTC) (Link)
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